Finnish Expatriate Parliament

How to get Involved in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament?

The actual members of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament are locally active expatriate Finnish organizations. Every expatriate Finn can take part in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament through their own local Finnish Expatriate organization regardless of whether they are holders of Finnish citizenship or not. The parliamentary sessions are made up of the representatives of these expatriate organizations.

To participate, the local Finnish organization needs to ratify the by-laws of the FEP. There is no membership fee.

The organization should also be active outside of Finland and gather Finns around its activities. The language of the organization does not have to be in a language native to Finland. At the moment, 506 Finnish expatriate organizations in 38 countries have ratified the FEP by-laws.

Join us! Through the Finnish Expatriate Parliament you can influence exactly the issues that are relevant to you and at the same time take part in a truly global Finnish network!

Ratification form and more information on joining.

The by-laws of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament

The standing order of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament

Please get in touch with the secretariat! We are really pleased to answer your questions!

Our contact details here below.


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